Save the career of eye doctors from being ruined. Sir, practical exam (TOACS/VIVA) of FCPS ophthalmology (eye) final year doctors in scheduled to be held in Karachi from 5 to 10 September, 2011 and due to uncertain security environments in Karachi, most of the doctors from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will not be ale to attend the exam. Whereas, almost all other practical exams (medicine surgery, gynae, peads etc) are held in Lahore, it is only ophthalmology doctors who are called to Karachi for exam. Suitable arrangements for this exam are available at Lahore and previously this exam was also held at Lahore. It is appealed that authorities concerned may direct the chief executive CPSP head of Karachi to hold this exam at Lahore otherwise many doctors will be unable to take the exams owing to poor law and order situation. It will also enable the doctors in Punjab and Khyber who have limited financial resources to travel all the way to take this exam. AFFECTED OPHTHALMOLOGY DOCTORS, Lahore, August 28.