ISLAMABAD – By ensuring provision of quality services in rural areas, the widening gap of civic facilities and development between rural and urban areas of the federal capital would be bridged.

Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, Faisal Sakhi Butt stated this while addressing a reception held here in connection with the post-Eid celebrations. The reception was organised by the PPP Islamabad chapter.

Butt said that one of the modern capitals of the world and the only planned city of Pakistan was lacking far behind in provision of the basic civic amenities to its residents.

He said there was a dire need to introduce a proper system for the transportation, disposal of waste, provision of portable water and protection and conservation of environment.

The function was attended by Party workers, representatives of PPP women wing, PSF, PLF, labour bureau, peoples Youth , and notables from Tarnol, Sangjani, Golra, Noon, Shah Allah ditta, and other area of Islamabad.

Faisal Butt reiterated that the process of development of the modern capital in accordance with the aspirations of the people would not be allowed to derail. 

Faisal Butt said that ownership of the people would make Islamabad a city of future as the government was contemplating on the agenda to introduce the local government system mainly with the view to create a sense of belonging among the residents of the city.

He said that translating the development programmes of the President of Pakistan into a reality, he had initiated own Islamabad initiative to involve the people in the uplift of the city. He said that has taken the initiative by transforming a school in the rural areas of Islamabad to equip it with the facilities available in the private schools.

He said that Islamabad is having a decent system for the collection of the waste but its proper disposal is still a problem even after the 60 years of the establishment of the federal capital in this area.