JHANG - At least four people including an 8-year-old girl were killed in different incidents here.  In the first incident, one Allah Ditt, a resident of 225-JB, was watering his fields when his rival unleashed his four fierce dogs on Allah Ditta and fierce dogs bit him badly and he died on the spot. The reason behind the incident was litigation.

The police reached the spot but the deceased’s son Tasavar refused to get a case registered against the perpetrator.

The other incident occurred in Basti Mallah in the remit of Kutwali Police. A girl was electrocuted. Maryyam, a student of class two, was taking bath in her home. Suddenly she suffered an electric shock from water and died on the spot.

In another incident, one Noor Asif swallowed poisonous pills. The resident of Qadirpur was wanted to police in a theft case. On having a quarrel with his parent, he swallowed poisonous pills and hid himself in nearby fields. When the police chased him and caught him from cane field in critical condition, took him to DHQ Hospital  where doctors washed his stomach and referred  him to Allied Hospital Faisalabad but he breathed his last on the way to the hospital. A youth killed her sister for honour. Akhtar, a resident of Rustam Sargana, had been suspecting Iram of having illicit relations with someone of the same village. Thus, he axed her to death. The police have registered a case against Akhtar.