LAHORE - Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa has said that government may be subjected to right kind of criticism but political strife and differences should not harm political system in the country.

 “Politics is not about allegations and false accusations and it is time to bring an end to the cat and mouse game”, he said while addressing senior bureaucrats at the National School of Public Policy here on Thursday.

The governor said solidarity of the country was our foremost priority and all stake-holders should put democracy, constitution and stability of the country first, adding that positive change in attitudes and preference to democratic mind-set is vital for country’s stability. He said systems tend to become corrupted when politicians prefer political power to state, urging the officers that state should be first and foremost priority of all. 

He said that state was made of elected representatives of the parliament and the assemblies, adding that people’s vote is most important and above all other opinions and that is the beauty of democracy. Punjab Governor said judiciary has no right to reject people’s mandate, saying that a country could work under a cruel rule but societies could never flourish in the absence of justice.

Khosa said uncertainty was harmful to the state and all institutions must avoid it at all costs and work within their constitutionally defined ambit, asserting that current state of affairs in the country could prove detrimental for the solidarity and stability of the country. 

He was of the view that politics was not the name of desires of an individual rather it reflects collective wisdom of a society.  He advised civil servants that they must pin their loyalties with the state rather than the government which tend to come and go, proposing that an independent commission should be constituted to decide transfers and postings of the civil servants.

He further said that a judicial commission, comprising senior judges and lawyers, should select best candidates on merit to serve the judiciary in the country like the public service commission which selects civil servants.

On Balochistan, Punjab governor said that the government was determined the resolve all issue in Baluchistan as per the wishes of the people, but no dialogue could be held with the people who are abroad or sit in the mountains.  Khosa said that PPP had always shown reverence to the courts, adding that it had accepted all judiciary decisions despite reservations. He said that all PPP leadership including Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has always extended respect to the judiciary, saying that PPP wishes judiciary should reflect through its decisions strengthen democracy and ensure adherence to the Article 5 and 7 of the constitution.

Meanwhile, Attorney General of Pakistan, Mr Irfan Qadir had a long meeting with Governor Khosa at the Governor’s House Thursday night. As per sources, the two legal wizards had lengthy discussion over different cases pending in courts involving the government.