There are three pillars of a state i.e. executive, legislature and the judiciary. The executive runs the affairs of a state whereas legislature frames laws in accordance with the established norms of a constitution. The judiciary, however, exercises control over the arbitrary authority of both the executive and the legislature. Thus, these three pillars of a state perform their functions by living within their constitutional domains.

During the last ten years or so, media (both print and electronic medium) has emerged as the ‘fourth estate’. It is so because, like the above-referred three pillars, it has proved to be a mirror not only for society as a whole but for these three pillars as well, highlighting and guiding them as to where they have been going wrong. Media not only highlights the issues of a country but also comes forward with certain suitable recommendations, which become a source of help for the judiciary, executive and legislature. In our country, unfortunately, the fourth estate has not come of age yet. Though during the last ten years, media (especially electronic medium) has been able to sensitise the issues of a common man, yet it has acted immaturely and irresponsibly on many occasions.

Wrong reporting, breaking news and useless fighting of politicians in talk shows has become hallmark of our country’s electronic media. Unless our media would start behaving in a mature and responsible manner, it will be very difficult to claim that it is doing its job in a responsible way.


Karachi, August 29.