BUREWALA - The supporters of MNA Asghar Jatt and MNA Natasha Daultana locked horns and scuffled with each other over the installation of electric transformers in constituency NA-168 at Mepco complex here on Thursday.

Former MNA Nazir Ahmad Jatt and MNA Asghar Ali Jatt got approved some new transformers from the Mepco authorities for constituency NA-168 of Natasha Daultana. However, when Mepco officials went to Kachi Pakki area for installation of a transformer but the supporters of Natasha Daultana did not allow them to carry out installation of the transformer.

They also got transfer orders of the Line Superintendent Shahid Iqbal from Burewala to Vehari and reached Mepco complex where they pressurized Mepco Burewala Deputy Manager Malik Ashfaq Awan into complying with the transfer orders.

On information about the incident, MNA Asghar Ali Jatt cousin Tahir Jatt along with his supporters also reached the Mecpo complex.

Meanwhile, supporters of the both groups scuffled in front of the Mepco Deputy Manager office. However, some notables intervened to ameliorate the situation.

Meanwhile, Mepco Burewala Deputy Manager Ashfaq Awan said that they had nothing to do with the scuffle among the supporters of the MNAs and that they had to follow the directions of their higher authorities.

Meanwhile, former MNA NAzir Ahmad Jatt said that his politics were without any discrimination of voters of the constituencies and aimed at serving the masses.

He claimed that they had got funds to install new electricity transformers in NA-167 and NA-168 and blamed a group of MNA Natasha Daultana's workers received bribe from the villagers to install new transformers, adding that he would not allow anyone to indulge in corruption in the area in the name of politics.

Meanwhile, MNA Natasha Daultana's mother Farah Bibi denied the allegations and said that Nazir Jatt group was intentionally interfering into the constituency's affairs. She accused Nazir Jatt's nephews of corruption, saying that the transferred line superintendent was also member of their gang.