ISLAMABAD – Despite the necessary legislation for formation of the National Commission on Human Rights, the much-awaited body have not started working yet, BBC reported.

The commission has been mandated with halting the enforced disappearances and human rights violations. In this regard, Adviser to Prime Minister on Human Rights Mustafa Khokar says talks are underway between the government and the opposition so that a four-member committee could to be formed to choose the nine members of the commission. Khokar told BBC that Pakistan had agreed with the United Nations 20 years ago to establish the commission on human rights.

He further said after its formation, the body would ensure legal action against any agency involved in enforced disappearances.

According to analysts, the formation of the commission during the tenure of the present government looks quite difficult. In 2010, the United Nations through a resolution had declared August 30 as ‘International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances’.

The figures summited in the Supreme Court by various human rights organisations show that the number of missing persons currently stands at more than 2,000, but the government claims that the many of them have been recovered and only 47 persons are still missing in the country.

The human rights organisations and the families of missing persons are not ready to accept the government’s version.