Tehran  -  Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has called on the US to immediately end its ‘unlawful’ and ‘counter-productive’ assassination drone strikes in her country. In an interview with Press TV in Tehran on Thursday, the minister said that drone attacks were illegal and Pakistan has always opposed them at all forums.

“You see Pakistan’s position is clear today and has been clear in the past. Our position is that this is something which is counter-productive. It is unlawful. It is illegal, and therefore they must cease. This is what the parliament of Pakistan has clearly said,” Khar said.

“We are in close discussion with the US to find different ways and means to be able to achieve the same objectives, as far as the US is concerned,” Khar added, calling on Washington to immediately end its drone attacks in Pakistan’s territories.

Earlier, the minister in her speech during a pre-session of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) summit stressed the need to respect for human rights and territorial integrity of all states to ensure an enduring peace and progress in the world.

She stated, “We all know peace and development are mutually reinforcing and without peace we cannot even think of development and prosperity”.