PESHAWAR - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), central leader, Masood Sharif Khattak has said that the incumbent PPP-led coalition government has badly failed to deliver, adding that the country lacks sincere and honest leadership to pull it out of the existing crises.

Addressing a news conference on Thursday, Khattak alleged that rampant corruption in government departments and economic disorder have maneuvered in the already fragile financial position of the country, while the present political leadership was fully responsible for the growing political and economic chaos in the country. He stressed the need to change the political status quo in the country to pull the motherland out of the political turmoil. The PTI leader said the incumbent coalition government has completely failed at all fronts to deliver, as they could not provide any relief to the poor segments of society.   

Owing to the existing wrong policies of the present rulers, the situation was getting from bad to worst with each passing day, he added. People want real change in the existing political hierarchy and predominated feudalist system”, he observed, added his party only political force to change destine of nation and pull the country out from the present complex situation.

Sharif, who had also served as a chief of the Intelligent Bureau (IB), said the PTI has only force to nurture political norms and values by holding internal party elections from gross root to top level in the country. He informed the party had announced schedule of elections across the country according to which elections will be held in KPK in mid of September.

Criticising the ANP-led coalition govt, he said the rulers have busied in their vested interest, but did nothing for welfare of the poor in the province. “No single mega project was initiated over the past four-and-a-half years despite receiving huge foreign funds on name of development”, he maintained.

“The key issues like shortage of energy, law and order, unemployment, price hike are still unresolved, while rulers had accumulated money by corruption and commission,” he observed.

 “How can leaders deliver to the poor masses, who fled the province due to insecurity and lawless situation”, he questioned.

Regarding the possible military operation in Fata, he said the PTI had always rejected forceful policy and supported to address issues by using peaceful way. “Force is not solution of the problems, and issues should be settled according to tradition ways”, he stressed.

 He also said that the US drone attacks are against the sovereignty and integrity of the State, which must stop immediately.