LAKKI MARWAT - Speakers at a seminar on ‘Access to Justice’ said Thursday that access to justice was still a far cry for the poor, and called for taking concrete measures for provision of free and speedy justice to the people.

Community Development Programme with the collaboration of Insaf Pakistan Network and Lakki Marwat Bar Association and with the support of UNDP had organized the seminar in connection with launching ceremony of legal aid centre in district council hall at the district headquarters complex Tajazai on Thursday.

Lakki bar president advocate Naimatullah Khan, CDP executive director Fiazur Rehman Mashal, Tanzeemul Haq Pakistan central vice president Haji Zarwali Khan, advocate Najibullah Khan, advocate Hafiz Asif Salim and former nazim Abdul Mutlib spoke on the occasion.

Among others, DCO Nisar Ahmad, former tehsil nazim Fareedullah Khan, social activists, lawyers and notables of the district were in the attendance.

“There is the dire need to provide legal aid to poor segment of society who have no resources to pursue their cases before the courts”, speakers told.

They hailed the establishment of free legal aid centre at the judicial complex by CDP and said that the facility would be helpful to educate people in the use of law and also provide them with legal aid.

They said that the benefits and fruits of independent judiciary should reach the common men on their doorsteps. 

“No doubt, the judicial activism expedited the process of trial and disposing of cases but sincere efforts are still needed for enabling the people especially poor to have an easy access to justice”, they maintained.

They told that the lawyers besides attending legal aid centre would also hold free legal aid clinics in remote union councils to provide counseling and legal aid to the people.

They also underlined the need to abolish traditional customs and remove barriers, which hampered the process of people’s access to justice.