MULTAN - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Istaqlal (TI) Chief Rehmat Khan Wardag has suggested to the government to set up 19 new provinces on administrative grounds in the country.

Talking to journalists and addressing a convention of his party here at Multan Press Club the other day, he added that each province should be given 50 per cent of its total production so that they could utilize it on health, education and other sectors according to their priorities. He claimed that the country could achieve self-reliance within three years by implementing water vision 2016 introduced by his party. Answering a question on Kalabagh Dam (KBD), he said that the biggest hurdle in the way of construction of the dam was foreign agents. He added that the country could not make any progress until the dam was constructed, asking the government to start its construction forthwith.

He declared that the country could not make any progress until the outdated system of the country was changed. He said that the 75 per cent of total population of the country lived in rural areas and the rural population was faced with massive problems. "The country would not have faced these problems, if six-point agenda was implemented since the day first. Agricultural reforms was one of these six points," he added. He maintained that the feudals of the country opposed this agenda. He said that poor agricultural reforms were the biggest reason behind poor condition of farmers.

Referring to prevailing power crisis, he said that both the water reservoirs and energy were imperative for national development. "If we come into power, we'll stop all other development projects and focus on buildings dams. We'll supply cheaper electricity and water to the farmers," he declared, adding that it would bring prosperity to the country. 

Quoting the chairman of NAB, he said that Rs8 billion corruption was being committed in the country on daily basis. He asked the masses to uproot corrupt system through the power of their vote.

MAN SUCCUMBED TO BURNS: A husband, who was burnt alive by his in-laws, succumbed to his injuries here at Nishtar Hospital on Thursday. Police said that Muhammad Sharif, a resident of Qutabpur, quarrelled with his wife Kausar Bibi and the woman left the home. When Muhammad Sharif went to his in-laws, they badly thrashed him, sprinkled oil on him and set him on fire.