Comprehensive strategy needed to address water issues
LAHORE (APP): A comprehensive strategy is needed to address water issues faced by Pakistan. The views were observed at a dialogue titled “Indian Water aggression and present situation” organized by Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust on Saturday. Former President of Pakistan and Chairman Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust Muhammad Rafique Tarar chaired the event. Editor daily Nai Baat Atta ur Rehman, analyst Amir Hamza, dams expert Engineer Suleman Najeeb, Prof Dr MA Sufi and people from different walks of life attended the event. Rafique Tarar said that India was building more than 60 dams and power stations on rivers originating from Kashmir.
 He said it aimed at making fertile lands of Pakistan barren and destroy the agriculture sector of the country. He said the leadership of Pakistan should take steps to control the situation. Arrangements should also be made to ensure optimal use of available water resources in the country, he added. He said that Pakistan could not afford wasting millions of acre feet water in the Arabian Sea. Atta ur Rehman said that Mangla and Terbela dams had completed their age and new water reservoirs were of dire need. Engineer Najeeb stressed the need of controlling wastage of water resources. He was of the view that Pakistanis were throwing $60 billion water into the sea daily.

Traders plan to install CCTV cameras on self-help basis
RAWALPINDI (Online): Traders Organization Moti Bazaar has finalized plan for installation of 50 cctv cameras at Moti Bazaar on self help basis. These cameras will be installed  for curbing theft , purse snatching  and pick pocketing incidents. In first phase 16 CC TV cameras have been installed at the cost of Rs 200000. Recording of these cameras will remain preserved for 8 days. Moti bazaar consists of 12 small and large bazaars and 24 exit and entry points. Ladies come rushing into this bazaar on the eve of festivals. Due to lack of security arrangements, incidents of purse snatching, pick pocketing and stealing were on rise Therefore, the traders of this bazaar took the decision for installation of CC TV cameras.

CDA to hold auction of commercial, residential plots next month
ISLAMABAD (APP): The Capital Development Authority (CDA) would hold auction of exquisite various residential and commercial plots in different sectors of the capital. The auction to would be held on 8th to 10th September at the Convention Center. The auction of these plots were being postponed from 25 August due to Azadi and Inqlaab March. Talking to APP, CDA’s Spokesman said that this would be an exclusive opportunity for a profitable investment in the long run; He said these commercial and residential plots had all civic facilities. Furthermore, the most significant fact about these ready to auction plots that they are clean from any legal complexities, he added.

Rashid Khan played dominant role in cellular industry: Anusha
ISLAMABAD (APP): Minister of State for IT and Telecom Anusha Rehman Khan Saturday said that outgoing president and chief executive officer of Mobilink Rashid Khan played a dominant role in the transformation of cellular industry in the country. In compliments on the eve of his retirement after rendering 20 illustrious years in cellular industry, the minister said that in challenging environment, the contribution of Rashid Khan to the telecom sector will be remembered for times to success in his future endeavors. Chairman PTA Dr. Syed Ismailsaid Rashid Khan will be remembered for his contributions to the cellular industry.
 and was always supportive to the government’s requirements in the wake of given challenges.
He hoped that PTA will continue to benefit his valuable advice for the promotion of cellular industry.
Jo Lunder, group CEO of VimpelCom, Mobilink’s parent company also shared his views and said “He would like to thank Rashid Khan who has made a significant contribution to Mobilink and Banglalink over the past decade,in particular establishing Mobilink as the leading operator in Pakistan”.
Rashid Khan also worked for 6 years in Paktel before joining Mobilink in 2000. Later he was elevated to the position of CEO, Banglalink.


Long marches, sit-ins adversely
affecting economy
islamabad (APP): The SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday said that the long marches of PAT and PTI followed by sit-ins, have altogether adversely affected national economy.  VP SAARC CCI Pak chapter Ifitkar Ali Malik while talking to APP said that Azadi and Inqlab Marches were adversely affecting the national economy as wave of current political unrest will affect the flow of foreign investment as well as initiatives for mega projects meant to further strengthen national economy. It seems that none of them realise the adverse impact on economic growth of these marches, he added. He said thousands of factories have altogether been closed down.
Expressing concern over current political impasse, he said the national economy had been suffering badly for the last one month which was not being noticed by the top leadership of PTI and PAT. He said that it was high time for all political parties, especially the opposition, to resolve political issues and differences strictly in accordance with democratic values by holding parleys in the larger national interests. Iftikhar said that President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zakaria Usman,Trade Development Authority Pakistan Chief Executive S.M.Munir and all other affiliated chambers had taken strong exception to long marches which have been inflicting losses to industry.
He said “The entire business community irrespective of any political affiliation, always attaches importance to supreme national interest over petty personal interest”.  He said that Pakistan was the national identity, which was established after rendering sacrifices and business community will thwart nefarious designs of certain elements who are bent on to disrupt the peaceful environment in the country.
Iftikhar hoped that leadership of long marches will realize the gravity of the situation and come to table for meaningful dialogue to end political crisis and shun politics of confrontation, violence and agitation