ISLAMABAD-  Addressing his supporters today afternoon, Tahir ul Qadri said because of the high handedness of the government, the situation has gone beyond the registration of FIR or the resignation of Sharif brothers.

"I will sacrifice myself in fighting against the treatment meted out against my sisters, daughters and party workers," he said, in his second address today.

"The world has changed - Europe, Asia and all these places have progressed and there is increased social justice - why it hasn’t happened in Pakistan.” Qadri said doctors have told him "thirteen people have died." He said doctors have told him that some 30 people were expected to succumb to their wounds.

The government's crackdown on protesters is worse than what Israel has done to Palestinians in Gaza, he said. The ministers are lying and it's completely disgraceful what has happened with members of the media, he said.

The government should know that it has committed horrific crimes against Pakistani media and we strongly condemn the assaults.

He said that after Jinnah died in 1948, Pakistan never had a government that applied Jinnah's vision on the country. Jinnah had said that Pakistan as a state would only be viable if it was free from corruption.

Jinnah had said that we would have to fight against corruption, Qadri said, adding that it was a great pity that the conditions have become such that those who should work for the country's betterment are the most corrupt in
the country.

The PAT chief alleged that in the whole of Europe, the biggest Asian investors were the Sharif family. He said Nawaz is interested in governance so far as it helps him with his business. These people are not democrats, Qadri said, adding that now it won't end with their resignations.