Rawalpindi: Electricity theft in 40 divisions of the Rawalpindi city circle is causing losses of billion of rupees to the national exchequer every year as power pilferage is going on with the connivance of WAPDA and IESCO officials. A source in WAPDA said that the power pilferage by restaurants, housing societies, clubs, big food outlets etc. is either added to lines losses or passed on to electricity bills of GHQ, CMH, the cantonment board, government schools, tube wells, banks, street lights and domestic bills. According to the source meter reading supervisors, linemen and recovery and test inspectors allegedly assist owners of plazas, cinema halls, hotels, petrol pumps, bakeries and private colleges in stealing electricity through direct connections without meters. According to the source, cases of power pilferage were on the rise in Saddar, Satellite Town, Civil Lines, Soan, Ghanjmandi and other sub-divisions. The source said that IESCO and WAPDA offices are flooded with complaints of inflated bills by the citizens. However, their complaints go on a deaf ear. “It is impossible that a thief will take action against himself,” the source said when asked how the menace could be stemmed. He said that a thorough investigation and checking is needed to unearth the scam.