S: Honestly, I used to like Faisal Qureshi. But his video response to Saif Ali Khan was disappointing. It is sad to see that someone who is so callous towards, women’s uses the word “behen” pejoratively to insult someone, calls himself a liberal and a progressive.

A: I have always disliked him. I always saw him as a bit of a megalomaniac. The way he responds to debate on twitter is appalling. No room for debate, only room for his ego. It is also odd that he has defended himself by saying that the actor played a woman and cross-dressed and so he deserves it. I would expect that logic frim the likes of a mullah living in a cave. I dare say, he might be the Richard Dawkins of liberals in Pakistan.

S: Hahaha, Ameen. I like that, the Richard Dawkins of liberals… haha. What I also find amusing is that the same people who he was hating on, people who are anti-liberal, anti-freespeech, pro-misogyny, anti-LGBT rights… they are all applauding him! And he is loving it! He just needs to retweet that picture of his at a gay pride parade in the US and I swear, all his new supporters will want to burn him alive.

A: I agree with all this. You call me conservative and too patriotic for my own good, but I could not stand the videos. Even I thought it was sexist. He has exchanged a moderate to liberal audience with a violent right wing one. I don’t think it matters to him as long as he gets encouragement. Maybe you should un-follow him on twitter.

S: I would, but he has thousands of followers, it will hardly make a difference. And I am not someone to shy from debate and block people right left and centre like Faisal Qureshi. After Ali Azmat, Hamza Ali Abassi, Shaan Junaid Jamshed… here’s another disappointment. I really wanted to admire all these people, for their talent and work, buy then they had to go get political, violent and misogynistic.