LAHORE - PPP’s central Punjab President, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has called for end to the entry test system in Punjab for the students seeking admission in the Medical Colleges.

“The entry test system is anti-merit and discriminatory in its nature because students who got 950 marks out of 1000 in the FSC examination may not get admission in the Medical College due to this system”, he said in a statement.

 He maintained that the weightage given to the entry test was against merit imperatives and flouted it mercilessly. Wattoo recalled that legislation was passed in 1986-87 to introduce merit in the Medical Colleges and the Engineering Universities determined by the results of FSC examination.

The same legislation, he added, also abolished quota system of governor, chief minister, college Principals.

 He said that before the introduction entry test system, the parents and students were totally satisfied with the observance of merit for seeking admission in professional colleges and there was also no complaint from students who were denied the admission for not securing the required marks. 

He observed that the entry system in vogue was heavily weighted against the students who came from the Urdu medium background and favored the English medium students. “It is discriminatory because it shrinks the prospects of Urdu medium students in getting admission although they get higher marks in the FSC examination”, he observed.

He regretted that the government was least pushed to rectify the problems of students hailing from the rural areas and from the poor families.