ISLAMABAD - The world’s simply observing international days is not enough as it should practically take a serious notice of the continued violations of human rights in various regions especially Occupied Kashmir and Palestine.

“The World Day of Missing Persons has been marked across the world today but the world may be ignorant of what is being done in Occupied Kashmir where innocent Kashmiris are lifted forcefully on daily basis as a punishment for demanding their fundamental, legal and moral rights,” Chairperson PCO, Mushaal Hssain Malick, who is also wife of the Hurriyet leader, Yaseen Malik, said yesterday.

Quoting the latest figure of missing persons more than 10,500 in the region, she said that the world must make efforts to take the Kashmir dispute as a flash point which has the potential to damage the regional peace.

“India has broken all records of violating human rights in Occupied Kashmir where the terms “half widow” and “half mother” are very common,” said, Mushaal, the chairperson of Peace & Culture Organization.

Just imagine a woman who is wife and widow at the same time as she does not know whether her spouse, who had got forcefully disappeared, is not dead or alive, she mentioned. The second one is mother who is waiting for her sons who have disappeared and nobody knows about them. “This is nothing but the insult of humanity and the world must take notice of these atrocities being committed at the hands the Indian security forces,” she said.

Mushaal said that although missing of Kashmiris is not new in Kashmir but the ratio is at an alarming point during the recent years.

She urged the world community especially United Nations to come forward to perform their legitimate role to fulfil the promises made with the Kashmiri people in the shape of right to self-determination.