On May 31, 2016 I had purchased Singer Gas Water Heater (Geyser) from their Rashid Minhas Road Branch, Karachi. However, much to my surprise and dismay the water heater soon started developing faults including leaking from the drain nut. 

When I contacted the Singer helpline I was in for more surprises. Though the water heater was purchased from the authorised shop of Singer and carries a warranty card, it would not be serviced by Singer as it has a local thermostat. The service of the sub-contractor M/s Tesla is scrappy and can take up to two weeks to attend a single call. Furthermore, the customers are also charged an amount by sub-contractor on account of visit charges which is not the case if your water heater has an imported thermostat. 

Most recently, my water heater has developed another problem which according to the local plumber, is weakening of cells/pilot. Singer, in spite of giving its warranty card, would stand absolved as it has a local thermostat. I am left with no option but to consult the local plumbers/sub-contractors of Singer and incur visit charges thereof coupled with their erratic visit schedule. 

Can anyone stand up for consumer rights or does Singer stand absolved from its responsibility in spite of selling it from its authorised shop with the official warranty card? 


Karachi, August 21.