KARACHI - Quetta Gladiator owner Nadeem Omer has said that the drafting system must be limitised to just Pakistan Super League (PSL) as this system proved problematic for domestic cricket. Talking to Nawa-i-Waqt, Nadeem said there was no space of drafting system in domestic circuit, as it was harming the beauty of Pakistan cricket.

He said that the PSL took a brilliant start and now became a brand. In the coming days, it would be one of the most successful cricket leagues of the world. “In the first edition of the PSL, our team was the cheapest but our players played out their heart and surprised the whole nation with their sterling performances.

“Our youngsters have learnt a lot by playing alongside top international players, and gradually they will improve a lot. The main difference between our team and others was the mentor of the team. Viv Richards made our players mentally very strong and boosted their morale to do their best. The players got the advantage of Viv Richard’s presence and proved their mettle,” he added. Nadeem said that bringing Balochistan people of different walk of life together was their biggest achievement. “Quetta Gladiator team provided Balochistan people opportunities to sit together and end their differences and just support their team together.”

“We are happy that we are providing Balochistan youth ample chances to exhibit their prowess and excel at higher level. Through talent hunt programme, we will bring Balochistan youth to cricket grounds and prepare them well to earn glories for their province,” he added.