Lahore - PML-N is bracing for maintaining order on September 3 the day when PTI and PAT will stage demos in Lahore and Rawalpindi respectively.

The government respects the constitutional right of the opposition parties, but it will not compromise on peace in the province thus no one will be allowed to disrupt law and order on the pretext of protest, party sources said.

Although the PML-N leadership does not expect massive public gatherings the PTI and PAT, the leaders have a watching over the situation, they said.

The party has constituted a team of ministers and senior members to keep eye on the protest preparations and keep the leadership informed to devise the strategy accordingly.

The sources said the Punjab government would not mind if the PTI protest would be peaceful and confined to the city, but the situation would be different if the demonstrators are directed to Raiwind.

The PTI is coming out to protest against the Sharifs over Panama Leaks. It is reaching out to different parties to win their support of PPP, JI, PML-Q, PAT and others and the leaders like Sheikh Rashid are helping it.

The gravity of Panama problem is well understood by the PML-N but it wanted to get it solved on its own terms. Though the PPP is equally aggressive on the Panama leaks, it is mulling all aspects of the matter before joining the PTI protest.

Some reports suggest that after the recent MQM episode, the PPP is closer to the PML-N than it was some time ago as both the parties share the view of minus-one formula to prevent Sindh from unrest.

The PTI and PAT are two steps ahead against the government but the rule of game, particularly the PTI has framed, do not suit the PPP. The PTI has also begun a legal battle trough moving the court against the Sharifs, forcing government to defend its case on two fronts.

The PAT is on its campaign for Qisas to get justice to the 2014 Model Town massacre victims. The PML-N is giving more weight to this party than the PAT on the issue of protest. The N-government knows that the PAT comprises diehard workers who have already faced police in Model Town.

Although the PAT has no share in government, it raises voice against other issue like rampant corruption, bad governance, ties of the Sharifs with Modi government to widen scope of the protest and attract the laypersons. The sources therefore say the PAT protest would need to be handled carefully to avert the Model Town tragedy-like incident.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said the government would not stop the protest as the same is bound to fail like the past. However, he said, the law would take its course whenever and wherever the protestors go violent.

The government has given a free hand to the PTI and the PAT to let the people know them.  The law minister said the purpose of protest is nothing but to create instability in the country. Both these parties would continue with such steps till the next election. Government has no fear, he added.