FAISALABAD-: Most of the government schools that need immediate upgradation due to lack of facilities and classrooms, have been ignored in a survey conducted for the upgradation of public sector educational institutions in Faisalabad district, it is learnt.

As a result, teachers, students and their parents expressed concerns over the bad condition of the schools and future of the students. The government schools lack facilities like classrooms, drinking water, cleanliness arrangements. However, most of the schools were ignored by the authorities concerned in the survey.

The government girls’ schools are facing problems due to unavailability of basic infrastructure. Government Girls School 67/JB Sadhar faces shortage of classrooms for 1,900 students. Its teachers, headmistress and students said that Sadhar village having population of 75, 000 residents has only one girls school. Unfortunately, over 400 students in the school were forced by the circumstances to sit on the floors to attend the classes.

Teachers added that when temperature rises students of 12 floor class rooms have to leave the school. The school teachers said that the 400 girls students have been divided in 29 sections and due to lack of classrooms, 12 sections are being conducted at floor of the school. They added that only 15 classrooms were not enough for the students.

Meanwhile, parents said that they were worried about the career of their daughters as they don’t have financial resources to take them to private schools.

A source said that despite directives by provincial government, the district and divisional administration are just carrying a routine policy for the up-gradation of government schools. The source maintained that even Divisional Commissioner Momin Agha does not bother to implement the reforms of Punjab government. The commissioner visited a Divisional Public School being run under public private partnership and issued directives, he said. The spokesman of Building Department claimed that work on 22 schemes with an estimated fund of Rs22 million regarding up-gradation and construction of new classrooms has started. The spokesman added that with an estimated cost of Rs125 million, 15 schools are being upgraded while the construction of new classrooms at 7 schools and renovation work on dilapidated school buildings was started with a fund of Rs50 million. However, the departments ignored the shortage of classrooms, drinking water, furniture etc while conducting the survey.