PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has declared war on terrorism after his prolonged absence from the scene for about two months. How can the PM remain absent from the theatre of war for a prolonged period at a time like this? This resulted in the horrendous attack in Quetta resulting in death of dozens of reputable lawyers. The PM looks bedraggled after his open heart surgery. He should relinquish control to a wartime leader, someone healthy enough to face the terrorists of younger age. What good is leader during war if he stays for two months in a hospital? The PM. must realise that he needs to be replaced by a younger, healthy person to withstand the stresses of governing a wayward nation. A person like the pugnacious Ch. Nisar is needed as PM. to strike terror in the hearts of enemies. A goody-good P.M. is not fit to deal with the likes of Modi and his cohorts. 


Lahore, August 26.