SARGODHA-The people of Sadam Colony, which falls in NA/68 constituency of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, are suffering from various diseases due to the use of contaminated water and also deprived of healthcare.

The Pakistan Medical Association said that over 8,000 quacks are illegally doing practice in the district and no authority is ready to tighten noose around them.

PMA President Dr Sikandar Warraich alleged that because of bribe and monthly gratification being paid to the drug inspectors and other health officials, the number of quacks and fake doctors is increasing day by day. Due to the connivance, the innocent people are losing their lives, he said.

A large number of quacks are practicing in the city, small and large towns and villages throughout Sargodha division in the presence of Divisional Health Task Force. It was formed by the Punjab chief minister to maintain health related affairs especially eradication of quacks who are playing with the precious human lives.

At Sadam Colony of Sultanpur Bangla, the people are compelled to spend their lives in utter miserable condition. The locality consists of over 80 families while over 95 percent have got appendicitis treatment from inexperienced surgeons for just Rs6,000. They put their lives in danger by undergoing surgery without sterilisation of surgical equipments and pre-operation laboratory tests.

Union Council Chairman Sikandar Hussain Baloch revealed that no dispensary or other health facility was being provided by the government for the population of more than 25,000. People of the area said that any water supply scheme is not built there by the government so they are forced to drink contaminated water which caused abdominal diseases like appendicitis. The people could not afford to bring their patients to government hospitals far from their houses and also could not bear the expanses of private hospitals so they have to find easy access to local quacks.

Meanwhile, Deputy District Officer (Health) Saleem Akhtar said that the residents would be safe from diseases if they are provided potable water. He added that locals should not use the water from their locality.

The paucity of health and other basic facilities has become a question mark on the performance of present government and unfulfilled promises of making that area as model constituency by the incumbent rulers.