Punjab government on Wednesday issued a prosecution notice to actor Hamza Ali Abbasi for spreading "false rumours" about the recent wave of child abductions across the province.

“So the Govt of Sharif Royal Family has sent me a prosecution notice that i spread false rumours about 900 children being kidnapped from Lahore and spread "Fear" in the people,” Abbasi posted on his official Facebook page.

The notice, served by the provincial government's public prosecution department, states that the number of missing children quoted by Abbasi is incorrect and is "less than one third that you (Hamza) reported".

In response to the legal notice sent by the provincial government, the Mann Mayal actor also posted the links of several media outlets.

“Being a common man, I get my news and facts from news channels and newspaper articles so following are the links (pre and post Aug 3rd) of well reputed media outlets on this matter.

“If above mentioned information is wrong, then instead of sending notices to these media outlets from which Pakistanis get their information from, they sent me a notice showing the clear intention of this Dictatorial Govt to take down any popular voice against them.”