Rawalpindi-The law enforcement agencies along with police carried out a search operation in precinct of Police Station RA Bazaar and held five suspects besides recovering weapons, sources informed on Wednesday. Punjab Rangers along with police, ladies police and personnel of intelligence agencies have conducted a door to door search operation in areas of Chungi Number 20, Bakra Mandi and PS RA Bazaar. The LEAs have checked 615 houses and 160 shops during the search operation and recovered arms and ammunition. Some five suspects were also held by the LEAs, sources said. The detainees were shifted to PS RA Bazaar where cases were filed against them, sources said. The weapons recovered by LEAs included 2 pistols of 30 bore with 18 bullets and 4 magazines, 2 pistols of 32 bore with 1 magazine, a 9mm pistols with 4 ballets and 2 magazines, a single barrel riffle, a double barrel riffle and 455 bore revolver with 3 bullets, they said.