Employees are the main members of the institution where working is very much consequential for the betterment and promotion of them. But is really the recent conditions of institution like schools, colleges and so on in Balochistan are being worse day by day on the account of ghost issue. 

The Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Abdul Majeed Khan Achakzai, stated that the number of ghost employees working in various government departments of Balochistan is around 50,000. This number includes 15,000 ghost teachers in the education department. 

They are regularly drawing their salaries but when it comes to duty they are hardly ever seen. Employees actually play a massive role for the contributions for the development of in institution to not read an institution into darkness and demolishing it so the all employees should be playing their roles in a great manner and must be doing duties. 

I would like to request the government of Balochistan to form a team to bring the ghost employees to their duties and make them accountable. At the same time, the government of Balochistan is requested to bring efficiency in the system of check and balance. 


Turbat, August 12.