MIRPUR (AJK) - The Indian government’s designs to change the demography of the Jammu & Kashmir will be strongly resisted and the people will not tolerate communal divide in the internationally-acknowledged disputed territory, Mirpur-based lawyers pledged.

Mirpur District Bar Association President Shabir Shareef said this during a reception hosted by the Bar in honour of the visiting Kashmir-origin member of the British Parliament Raja Muhammad Yasin here on Tuesday.

He said that hardliner Modi-led Indian government was constantly acting upon its traditional aggressive posture regarding people of Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan as threat to the regional peace. Indian indiscriminate and unprovoked firing on Line of Control has not only caused loss of life and property but a huge mass migration, he said.

“India has started an undeclared war on the Line of Control and working boundary. The attitude of India may lead to trigger a full-scale war,” he warned. The DBA president said Indian government had stated a process to give state subject rights to the Hindu refugees settled in Indian Occupied Kashmir, a dangerous move to change the demography of Jammu Kashmir. Criticising the nefarious Indian move to change the demography of occupied Kashmir, the British MP observed that preliminary reports about the malicious act spoke of the Indian deliberate attempts to deprive the people of Jammu & Kashmir their birth right to self-determination through altering Section 35-A of the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. It gives special status to the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir State through turning held-state citizens into minority through the settlement of the Indian nationals in the occupied Jammu & Kashmir state, he added.

The opposition Labour Party’s British MP continued that he would raise the issue of early peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue in the British Parliament with emphasis for the performance of due global responsibilities of Britain and its government towards the early settlement of the conflict.

“It is my moral responsibility, being Kashmir-origin, to highlight the urgency of the settlement of the unresolved international issue of Kashmir not only in the British Parliament but the world over in maximum most effective manner, since Kashmir runs through my blood,” the MP said.

He termed the Indian conspiracy of changing the demography of occupied Kashmir unwarranted, immoral and unlawful and absolutely against the spirit of the United Nations resolutions on Kashmir and state subject Laws of Kashmir.

He expressed grave concern over the increased human rights abuses in occupied Jammu & Kashmir by the Indian occupation forces where the people of launched struggle for the liberation of the motherland from forces and unlawful Indian rule 70 years ago and sped up it 29 years ago. He vowed to raise voice against the human rights violations in occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

The ceremony was largely attended by members of the Bar Association besides the leaders of the legal fraternity of AJK including AJK Supreme Court Bar Association President Syed Nishat Kazmi, AJK High Court Bar Association President Raja Razaq Ahmed Kashmiri, AJK Bar Council Chairman Khalid Yousaf Advocate and others.