LONDON-Love has brought with it dramatic changes for Liv Tyler.

Three-years after meeting sports and entertainment manager Dave Gardner, perhaps better known for his long-term friendship with former footballer David Beckham, the American actress, 40, has exchanged her bohemian life in New York for comparative domesticity in London.

Indeed, a busy household finds the couple sharing four children; Sailor Gene, two, and Lula Rose, one, as well as their respective sons from former marriages – Liv’s 12-year old Milo, and Dave’s 10-year old Grey.

But speaking to Red magazine as she poses for photographer Tomy Kim in its October issue, Liv insists it was the desire to extend their families that helped strengthen her relationship with her British fiancé.  ‘We both wanted to have a family and children and a partnership and love,’ she explained.

‘Our jobs are high stress and high energy and constantly moving, so it’s really just the family part we’re on the same page about, which is amazing because I know that’s often quite tricky for couples.’

The actress also credited Dave for his hands-on approach to parenthood and willingness to step in as Liv’s hugely successful career continued uninterrupted following her relocation to the United Kingdom. 

She recalled: ‘After I moved to England, I reconnected with an agent and within about a week, she said, “I’ve got this job for you,” And it was starting the following week. ‘It meant commuting to Leeds for a few days at a time, but it was so good for me and David was just like, “I’ve got this”. He was home every night for dinner and bedtime, and holding down the fort.  ‘He drops the boys at school every single morning, while I’m standing there at the door in my pyjamas, covered in food, with both babies in my arms.’

The inevitable demands that come with parenting a family of four growing children are brought to the fore during family holidays - but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘It’s so tricky going away on vacation with so many,’ she said. ‘We’re not the kind of parents that are gonna be like, “You stay here and go to bed, we’re going out.” We always want to do everything together.

‘But then going out to dinner with, like, 10 people… The babies need to eat immediately and then they’re completely restless throwing food all over the place. And the minute the boys finish, they’re like, “We’re off now”. You’re left trying to enjoy a glass of wine and your meal with food flying everywhere.’