Islamabad-In the second such incident in less than seven-month time, trigger-happy Islamabad police shot dead a person on the spot and injured another as their car didn’t stop at their caution near Rawal Town on Wednesday.

The man, later identified as Syed Inayat Hussain Shah, a resident of Tench Bhatta, Rawalpindi was fatally shot by the policeman who was part of the Police-Rangers joint patrolling team in the area.

According to the police sources, Syed Inayat Hussain Shah along with Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah was passing near Rawal Town and signaled by the patrolling team to stop but they sped away from the scene. The patrolling team chased their Suzuki Mehran car bearing registration number AB-6867 (Sindh) and the police constable opened fire at the vehicle.

The bullet pierced back screen of the vehicle and hit Inayat in his head causing his on-spot death. Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah received a bullet in his leg and has been shifted to the hospital for medical treatment. The police said that the constables responsible for the incident have been identified as Rana Mustajib and Imran Shah and both have been taken into custody.

In such another incident on February 04, 2017, a police constable had shot dead Taimoor Riaz son of Javed Riaz, a resident of Ayub Abad, Pir Wadhai Rawalpindi and father of two after his car did not stop at a check post in sector I-10 of the capital. The incident in which a female occupant of the car remained unhurt had taken place at around 3:30 am. However, in the instant case, the police took the life of Inayat in the broad daylight. Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has taken notice of the incident and called for a report from the IG.

In the I-10 check post incident, the on-duty policeman of ‘Eagle Squad’, Constable Samiullah had opened fire at the car bearing registration number IDL-4724 due to which Taimoor Riaz died on the spot. He received a bullet in his head. Samiullah and his colleague, Tariq remained on the run for some time and later both surrendered to the police and the department acquitted them from the charge of murder. Just two days after the incident of I-10 check post, Islamabad police had issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the police officials deputed at police check posts. “From now onward, straight fire is allowed only in case of cross fire,” read the instructions circulated among officials deputed at over 60 entry and exit points and police check posts in the city.

According to the new SOPs, police may burst tyre of the fleeing vehicle and in case it did not stop even, police officials at nearby pickets would be asked to help stop the vehicle. The vehicle will be asked to stop first through a signboard and then plastic barrier. The other police check posts would be involved in case the attempt to stop the vehicle failed, said the SOPs. Police high-ups had vowed that those defying the instruction would be dealt strictly. Further investigation into the incident is underway.

Meanwhile, Local police have seized over 7,000 bottles of imported liquor worth 50 million rupees, said the police on Wednesday. According to the details, Special Investigation Unit of the police, on Tuesday night, conducted a raid at house 35, street 27 in sector F-6/2 and seized 7,773 bottles of imported liquor of different international brands. The police also booked two persons which had made their escape good from the scene upon seeing the police party. According to the police, when the police approached the house, a tenant Rustam Kareemof of Tajikistan told the raiding party that the servant quarter from where the cartons were recovered was under the use of Akhtar and Asad Suleman, driver and gardener respectively. The police recovered 662 cartons of liquor of international brands, the police said. The police have registered a case against the two persons under relevant sections of the law and further investigation is underway.