The GT Road Rally started with a whimper, rose to a respectable crescendo and then passed into oblivion as other events overtook it. When viewed in retrospect, the rally was an abject failure and the fact is amply reflected in muted personal discussions that PML-N leaders indulge in privately. What has however not abated is the vitriolic criticism by the Sharif Clan against national institutions to the effect that the sanctity of the ballot was violated by the disqualification decision. Reinforcing the notion of his alleged connections (business or otherwise) with our arch enemy and in utter disregard of the fact that whatever he and his family are today is because of Pakistan and Pakistan alone. The Sharifs are living proof of how single minded hatred, an obsession with power, a vulgarly bloated ego and absence of morality can override the sterling qualities that are mandatory for good leadership.

On cool reasoning, one can perhaps understand the wisdom of restraint even though it may run contrary to popular sentiment, but events even now are taking shape, raising grave apprehensions that another NRO may be in the offing. These fears are not without cause, for recent developments in the ‘Land of the Pure’, when viewed in historical perspective, are enough to generate the feeling that we are once again allowing the window of accountability to slip by.

Begum Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif’s sudden trip to London along with her sons for, what is being claimed as, treatment of cancer; the expected departure of the former Prime Minister, to sit by his wife’s bedside; the acquittal of Mr. Asif Zardari from the last and final case and grant of permission to Dr. Asim, for medical treatment abroad, are all events that point to only one logical conclusion, which can be succinctly expressed in Sherlock Holmes immortal words, “come Watson – the game’s afoot”.

The bye election of NA 120 is making headlines and its outcome is being touted as vindication or otherwise, of Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s post disqualification confrontational strategy. Journalistic curiosity prompted me to walk the potholed streets of this constituency, to see and assess things for myself. There is no denying the fact that the voters here indicate a leaning towards PML-N in spite of utter neglect towards community problems and issues by the elected representative (who is none other than the ex-PM himself). It is evident that if anyone from the opposition expects to win from this part of the Punjab capital, then he or she needs to have the combined voter strength of all parties confronting PML-N. Regretfully, this is not so, nor is it likely to happen. A win for the ruling party here will be used as an effective propaganda weapon by the Sharif family to force multiply their current diatribe against the Supreme Court decision.

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and the same is true in our current situation. The person to thank for, is none other than the White House Standup Comedian Mr. Donald Trump. His announcement of the new regional policy can only be categorized as immaturely amateurish and delusionary. Nonetheless, it has helped to unite the nation and mellow down the irksome rhetorical animosity between political adversaries, barring one particular female member of the Sharif Clan, who continues to ‘loop’ her father’s script in pursuit of the NA 120 seat. The Pakistani nation is grateful to its longtime friend The People’s Republic of China for speaking out in our favor ahead of everyone else – even our foreign office. We are also cognizant and appreciative of Russia’s support on this issue.

Pakistan is at this point in time standing on the crossroads of history, where one path leads to self-respect, sovereignty and a place of honor amongst the comity of nations. The other road disappears into an ominous gloom of self-destruction. If we lose what is left of Pakistan it will be politicians such as ours, who will stand guilty of treason along with the people, who voted them in. The world will then be justified in calling us a nation of fools, who committed collective suicide.