PESHAWAR - Reacting to US President Donald Trump’s remarks against Pakistan, Peshawar-based traders on Wednesday vowed to stop buying and selling US products besides announcing taking out a protest rally to denounce the baseless accusations.

“We have decided to boycott the US products. We will neither sell nor buy such products anymore,” Shakeel Ahmad Khan, President Peshawar Chamber of Small Traders, said while speaking at a news conference.

President Markazi Tanzeem-e-Tajiran Mehar Elahi, Anjuman-e-Tajiran President Shaukat Ali and Tajir Itehad University Road President Khalid Ayub were also present on the occasion.

Shakeel said that they would back the government and the Army in this critical time. He said that anti-US banners would be displaced in the city while a protest rally of traders would also be taken out from Chowk Yadgar to Kabuli Chowk on Thursday. The rally is aimed at denouncing the US president’s allegations against Pakistan, Shakeel said.

The government should not accept any demand of the US and tell her that we are peace-loving people, he added. Donald Trump is ignoring Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror despite the fact that 70,000 Pakistani civilians and cops lost their lives in the war, he said. Anjuman-e-Tajiran Peshawar President Shaukat Ali said that time had come to revisit Pakistan’s foreign policy. “We, the traders as a whole, strongly reject US new policy for the region”, he said.

Though the traders also suffered a lot in the war on terror but they would continue backing Pak Army, he vowed.

Tajir Itehad University Road President Khalid Ayub said that the US was always against Pakistan’s uplift and development. It is a right time to show unity, tell the whole truth, change the 40-year old policies, which, he claimed, was the only guarantee to be strong, work independently and live in a pressure-free Pakistan.

KP Markazi Tanzeem-e-Tajiran President Mehar Elahi said that the whole of Pakistan was showing hatred against American policies. The US should know how effectively Pakistanis could react to any kind of aggression. The government should say ‘No More’ to the US. It is time to get rid of American influence and search new friends around, he suggested.

The scheduled protest is only for Peshawar, however, it will be extended to the whole province in the next round, he said.

He said that a total of 110 trade organisations were supporting the decision of boycotting the US products.


 It will certainly pass on a strong message to the concerned quarters that traders were and would be on the back of the government and Pakistan army in every circumstances, Elahi concluded.