LAHORE - Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday inaugurated another party’s election office at Mohni Road and also addressed a large public gathering at the venue on the second day of her aggressive election campaign of her mother Kalsoom Nawaz in NA-120.

The area near Data Darbar is considered a PML-N bastion from where her cousin Bilal Yasin was elected as MPA in the general elections of 2013.

Maryam’s address mostly consisted of questions she asked from the crowd. The former prime minister’s daughter counted the development projects initiated and completed during PML-N’s tenure and asked the voters to avenge the ouster of Nawaz by getting his spouse Kalsoom elected with a huge margin.

She said that for her, the opponents of her mother stood nowhere and the victory of PML-N’s candidate was writing on the wall.

“The lion will roar again on September 17 (the day of election),” she announced while responding to the gathering’s slogans in favour of disqualified premier. Maryam, who said she believed her father was ousted from the power under a conspiracy, asked the voters to prove on the day of election that Nawaz lived in their hearts. “No one can throw him (Nawaz) out of people’s heartd,” she said.

The highly charged gathering replied in negative when she asked: “Do you accept the decision against Nawaz,”; she asked and questioned, “Can a person, who made Pakistan atomic power, gave CPEC project, gave motorway, eliminated power crisis, terrorism and put the country on road to progress, be ever disqualified?”

“You would have to show the entire world that Nawaz lives in your hearts,” she said. “Yes, Mian Sahib lives in our hearts,” responded the charged gathering when she sought their reply.

“Who makes the orange train? Who gave you the gift of motorways?,” she repeated questions and in response heard the name of her father.

Maryam severely criticised political opponents, especially PTI Chairman Imran Khan, without mentioning his name. Referring to PTI government’s failure to control dengue in KP, she recalled Khan’s words “dengue brothers” for Sharifs. “Who was calling Nawaz and Shehbaz as dengue brothers? Who introduced abusive politics in Pakistan?”

During her less than half-an-hour speech, Maryam kept the crowd, who had gathered there hours before her arrival, engaged.

She vowed to bury the politics of conspiracies in the country and for her the result of NA-120 would prove to be last nail in the coffin of conspirators.

“Would you vote for Nawaz Sharif? Would you bury the agents who act as pawn for the conspirators?”

The PML-N workers vowed to support Kalsoom and raised their hands in response to Maryam’s call. They seemed enthusiastic and sure about lion’s win with a clear majority in the by-election. Their full throat slogans in favour of Nawaz continued during Maryam’s speech.

People, including a large number of women, had started reaching the venue at 4pm to welcome Maryam. Holding placards, inscribed with pro-PML-N slogans and posters of Nawaz, Shahbaz and Kalsoom in their hands, they danced to party and national songs. A horse dance was also arranged to cheer up the gathering.