ISLAMABAD-The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has allowed Pakistan to conduct three international events in December this year, it has been learnt.

The highly placed sources have confirmed The Nation that PSA chief executive Alex Gough has verbally informed the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) about the developments, according to which Pakistan will host two male and one female event. “It is highly likely that female event will be conducted by Bahria Town, which has deposited the PSA fee almost six months back, and they were set to host the third edition in March this year, but due to unjust and uncalled ban imposed by the PSA on the advice of Sports Risk Management, the event was called off at the eleventh hour,” the sources added.

When this scribe contacted PSF honorary secretary Group Captain Tahir Sultan to seek his point of view in this regard, he refused to comment and said he would disclose about it very soon. The PSF inside sources have confirmed that the federation has received an email from a top PSA official, in which the federation is told not to disclose things for a day or two.

The sources further revealed that the PSF is allocated around $50,000 event to be conducted in December, while $15,000 event is allocated especially for females, which is almost guaranteed to be awarded to private organisers Bahria Town, which previously had conducted two PSA events successfully as they have world class squash courts and the best security arrangements as well.

Earlier, it was highly unjust decision made by PSA on the report of Sports Risk Management, which were mainly based on old reports and had nothing to do with ground reality. The PSF must be given due credit for hosting two back-to-back international exhibition series first against World-V and then against Egypt-V and the most important thing to note was the arrival of world No 2 squash player Egyptian Karim Abdel Gawad along with other top professional players, who enjoyed their stay in Islamabad and termed their visit as ‘highly remarkable’.

Sports Risk Management representative Sam Dixson was also present during the World-V series and he was comfortable and satisfied with the security arrangements. The sources confirmed that the PSA made the right decision on the report of said person, who roamed around not only Mushaf Complex, Serena Hotel, but other places as well and he was given access to where ever he wanted to.

It is high time when the PSF president must intervene and order removal of inefficient and flopped coach Faheem Gul Khan, who failed to provide even ordinary results ever since he was appointed by so-called executive committee. There is a dire need to appoint a qualified head coach on permanent basis, so that he may once again help the players and federation get the best results.

The time is high when IPC minister Riaz Pirzada and PSB Director General should seek explanation from the PSF regarding poor results, and asked them about the pending inquires regarding such pathetic results at international level.