SIALKOT-The electricity supply remained suspended for about 14 consecutive hours in almost all the residential and industrial areas of Daska city here on Wednesday for the second consecutive day.

Thus, the trade, business and social activities remained paralysed in the city. The banking activities, online banking services and internet services also remained suspended in almost all the banks in Daska city due to this worst suspension of power supply.

The internet, online and DSL facilities remained suspended in the banks in Daska due to the power suspension due to which a rush of the customers was found there in local banks present there for transactions there ahead of Eidul Azha as well.

Local traders and industrialists strongly protested against this worst suspension of the power supply in Daska city. They expressed grave concern over the nasty situation that the Gepco officials in Daska issue the permit of power supply suspension for repairing work of the main supply lines, without making the necessary prior announcements about the worst power shutdown. They said that the situation badly hampered the business and trade activities in Daska.

They urged State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali to look into the matter in the larger public interest. The supply of electricity also remained suspended for 14 consecutive hours in Daska on Monday. They said that power supply suspension for two days in Daska city irked the local people and perturbing the local traders and industrialists.

When contacted, the Gepco officials added that the power supply remained suspended due to the permits of the power shutdown in Daska city for the repair work of the main supply lines.

ANIMAL BUYING AT ITS PEAK: The purchasing of the sacrificial animals has gained momentum in local markets which remained filled with the animals including camels, cows, bulls, goats, lambs etc.

The people claimed that the traders were demanding the very high prices of these sacrificial animals which were out of the reach of the common man in the local markets at Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Pasrur, Badiana, Chawinda and surrounding areas.

Local social and religious organisations are offering different packages for collective sacrifices. Meanwhile, wooden logs, fodder , animals’ decorating things, knives etc are also in high demand. The vendors have also established the make-shift shops on the main and link roads especially in and around the animal markets.