LAHORE: “Pakistan has been considered as dark region across globe when it comes to data generation in astronomy across the globe but all is not lost. There is an observatory in Lahore which is registered with International Astronomical Union (IAU) and contribute to the international community when it comes to monitor any asteroids moving from the Pakistan’s skyline. So we are pretty much into the astronomical data generation and branding Pakistan’s positive name to international community,” President Lahore Astronomical Society and owner and CEO at Zeds Astronomical Observatory Umair Asim told this scribe today.

He narrates the information while adjusting its main telescope celestron c14, an American technology of its own kind only available to Zeds Astronomical Observatory.

The telescopes has all things to monitor the asteroids routes and its chemical compositions and capturing images as well and at the same time it the telescope also contributing the date generation to the international community of astronauts who are always on the toes to get the data of some specific asteroids so they could predict the sky’s orientation in accordance with science.