ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz central leader Rana Sanaullah blamed Pakistan People’s Party for facilitating Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf victory in the upcoming presidential elections by fielding its candidate and splitting the joint opposition.

Talking to media persons, Rana Sanaullah, who had served as Punjab law minister, criticised Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf way of governance and said that with the speed and frequency they were making blunders their government would hardly survive six months.

He further said that PTI government was today facing the problems of ill-tolerance and culture of misbehaviour they had introduced when they were in opposition and they had staged sit-in in Federal Capital, adding that no one need to bring down the PTI government as they were already on self-destructive path.

To a question Sanaullah said that the candidate of opposition parties in presidential elections is Maulana Fazlur Rehman and PPP candidate in the run was only to facilitate the PTI candidate in the elections as both PPP and PTI were in tacit understanding of facilitating each other.

He further claimed that PPP was facilitating PTI government in centre from day first and referred to the split they had created in the joint opposition at the time of Prime Minister’s election while in return PTI was facilitating PPP government in Sindh and was soft on their follies in the province.

He also talked about the fiscao PTI government was facing due to misuse of chopper by Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and another issue relating to abusive language used by the newly-appointed Information Minister Punjab Fiazul Hassan Chohan against the artists which has completely exposed the incompetence of the government.

Rana Sanaullah said that earlier they were considering that PTI would manage to run governments in centre and Punjab for about two years and they opposition would push things for mid-term polls but they way the PTI leadership was making blunders it seemed as if they hardly go for six months and the nation has to see elections afterward.