KARACHI - All the decisions of Karachi University’s syndicate and selection boards are carried out on merit and without any pressure since the authorities of these bodies are legally well defined. KU is facing financial challenges especially due to the merger of morning and evening funds by the former administration.  These views were expressed by Vice Chancellor KU Prof Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan while addressing at the Faculty meeting at KU’s Arts Auditorium. He added that KU receives grant of Rs2 billion from HEC while generates the same amount from its own resources which is still insufficient.

While describing the expenditure of KU, Dr Khan informed that KU spends 3.5 billion rupees yearly only on salaries and pensions while Rs250 million on employees’ medicines. Other major expenditures include bills of electricity, gas and water, payments to hospitals, advertisements, lab equipments, chemicals, papers, office furniture, electric equipments and other necessary items.

These expenditures are not allowing the issuance of research grant.

“We are reviewing the billing of electricity, gas and water and devising a mechanism to control them which will save us 40 million”, he informed.

He appealed from HEC to double its grant of 2 billion rupees and also asked the Sindh government to increase the grant upto 1 Billion Rupees to KU on immediate basis.

He informed that KU accounts section will soon be computerised, a survey is also being conducted on illegal residents in KU campus and soon action will be taken without any discrimination.

“I successfully secured the grant of around 3 Billion Rupees which is unprecedented and no Vice Chancellor secured this in future. KU needs funds of 7 Billion Rupees on annual basis, varsity’s major purpose is to promote academics and research rather worrying about its funds and financial crisis”, Dr. Khan added.

He emphasised on the need of promotion of education saying that Muslims were ruling the world when they prioritized education and now have been left behind when they distanced themselves from education. It’s a great dilemma that varsities are facing financial crisis. KU is the largest varsity of the country.