Our political leaders talk a lot about eradication of corruption and other social evils from the society, especially the VIP culture. However, none of our leaders has ever made serious efforts to abolish adhoc-ism. Due to this flaw in the system, every ruler ends up shelving ongoing development work by their predecessors and start everything again for political reasons or for personal gain.

This leads to lack of stability and continuity in development work in the country and we keep going in circles. Now, every leader is focused on projects that are quick to finish and can give them most political mileage in shortest possible time. All this happens at cost of proper long-term planning and sustainable development.

Therefore, we have failed to build dams and strengthen our industrial base. The menace of adhoc-ism has led to unnecessary abandonment of good initiatives by governments. For example, Basha dam project, local bodies system, and a few policies of economic and cultural reforms were victims of adhoc-ism while all ills mischievously smile on us. The new PM should distance himself from personal prejudices and political bombasts and focus of what is best for the people.


Islamabad, August 10.