Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry asserted on Friday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) governing policies are not like the ones adopted by Nawaz Sharif as the former prime minister’s strategy was to make money for himself.

Speaking to the media outside the Parliament House in Islamabad, Fawad said that all the institutions were on the same page for the first time in history. The information minister stressed that Pakistan wants peace and not war with India, whereas both the countries have to fight against poverty and ignorance.

He also said that the cancellation of the blasphemous caricature contest in Netherlands was a diplomatic success for Pakistan. “Pakistan responded to the development in close coordination with Turkey and other members of the OIC,” he added. The minister further said that there was a need to devise a global strategy in order to tackle such issues and situation.

Fawad said that only a handful of elements in the west create issues by coming up with such ideas. The minister stated that majority of people in the western world, including the Government of Netherlands, were against blasphemous caricature.

“Such controversies injure sentiments of over two billion Muslims and therefore, laws should be framed against such actions,” he added. Fawad pronounced that Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Foreign Minister to raise the issue at the UN.