LAHORE - Former railways minister Saad Rafiq has said the PML-N govt had revamped Pakistan Railways through untiring efforts but the PTI has begun to target the honest officers of the department.

Addressing the party workers here, Khwaja Saad said the poor performance of inexperienced and inefficient PTI has begun to come to the limelight. He said PTI Chairman Imran Khan had made claims of making the PML-N cry but contrary to that his acts and decisions are making the party laugh.

He said Imran Khan has become the prime minister but he failed to discern the veiled US threat given to Pakistan during telephonic talk and he told another story to the people.

He also chided the PTI government over the transfer of Pakpattan DPO Rizwan Dogar and said the police officer was punished just for his refusal to apologise to Khawar Maneka for the guilt he never committed. He said the country will come to a very serious situation when an Intermediate will be made Governor of a province and favouritism will be order of the day in the government. He said Imran Khan’s government is defective from every angel. Khwaja Saad said that the PML-N had serious reservations on the election and the result yet it does not want to derail the government although it also knows how to hold sit-in and protest over such electoral mismanagements. Addressing Imran Khan, he said, “you raised finger on others in the past and now you will face the music of your act.”

He said the PML-N playing the role of Opposition will strongly face the rulers who did not have any credit to the politics except levelling allegations and making abusive remarks.  He said they will force the government to fulfill the promises it made and to start with, they will demand fixing of the energy problem. We will not permit the PTI government to put a reverse gear in the institution, he added.

The former Minister also questioned putting the name of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on the Exit Control List (ECL) and said, whether Nawaz Sharif was running out of jail that you went to bar his flight abroad. He also warns the PTI against hurling threats to the political parties and also using the NAB for political witch-hunting. He said the PML-N was still in the arena and no one can force it out. He also demanded a roadmap for casting vote by the overseas Pakistanis and said, if they were allowed to vote without a procedure, they will regard it another election rigging after the general elections.

Former Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in his address mocked at the statement of Minister for Information Fawad Ch on travel through helicopter for Rs55 and said, anyone interested in heli travel, he can contact Fawad. He also denounced the competition of blasphemous cartoons in Holland. Former Speaker reiterated demand for resignation of Election Commission on the question of failure of RTS system on the election day which occasioned manipulation of results.


He said the worst kind of rigging has been committed only to defeat the PML-N. He said after the rigged election as many as 150 parliamentarians-elect wanted boycott of the Parliament but the PML-N convinced them come to the Assemblies as a matter of saving the system. He said we have to retrieve our mandate in Lahore and every other part of the country. He said the PML-N faced hardships in the past and will courageously face the same in future as well.  He also vowed to continue struggle till they get justice on the election rigging.