Recently, a student in Chitral allegedly took his own life after receiving his Intermediate exam results who was unable to secure a foreign scholarship. According to Chitral-based Civil Organisation Human Rights Programme’s chairman that due to failure of poor police action, a gazillion of suicide cases go unreported in the area and around 40-45 people commit suicide annually in Chitral. In 2018 till date, some 20 people have taken their own lives yet.

It isn’t the only suicide case rather recently a student of Chartered Accountancy in Karachi had committed suicide after he reportedly did not accomplish desirable results in his recently-held examinations yet who was worried over it which compelled him to end up his life.

The painful news compelled me to highlight the issue of teenagers suicide which is on the rise in the country. The Human Right Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) reported that, every year 25% of girls and boys do suicide under the age of 14 to 18. Actually, doing suicide attempt is the sign of extreme stress because the expectations are more from the families or government who finally disappoint them by their discouragement and ignorance.

So, it is urge to the government of Pakistan as well as its leaders including all families, kindly give the all rights and support the teenagers from being depressed about their results rather motivation, encouraging and advising them are the correct tools to save them from such dangerous attempt of doing suicide.


Makran, August 10.