Karachi -  Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ai Shah on Friday expressed solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir and urged the international community to raise voice against violations of human rights of Kashmiris by the Indian government and security forces.

He said that the people of Kashmir have been struggling for their right to self-determination for the last 60 years. Instead of agreeing to hold a plebiscite in the held Kashmir the Indian government amended its constitution and balkanized the occupied Kashmir. “This balkanization is not acceptable to the people of Pakistan and the international community, particularly those who upheld human rights,” he said.

Shah, recalling the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, said it resulted in the disintegration of the USSR into different countries. Similarly, the occupation of Kashmir would also end up in disintegration of India, he said.

“The dream of a greater India is bound to shatter and root-cause of its shattering would be Kashmir and its valiant people,” he said and added the sacrifices of people of occupied Kashmir would soon bear fruit.