LOS ANGELES-Jennifer Lopez insists women shouldn’t fear getting older.

The ‘On The Floor’ hitmaker recently turned 50 and was shocked to find people questioned her for making it so public.

Speaking during her latest tour diary posted to her YouTube account, she said: ‘’Everybody thought that I was crazy when I wanted to go out and let everybody know that I was 50. That was just like something, ‘Ummm why are we highlighting this again?’ It was important as a woman to do that - to let people know that you don’t get to write women off at a certain point in their life. You don’t get to write people off. You’re getting better and better as you go so long as you are open to the experience of growing and evolving.’’

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously admitted she ‘’constantly’’ tries to ‘’evolve’’ and not get ‘’stuck’’ as a person in life or her career.

She said: ‘’I am constantly trying to evolve and to not get stuck. It happens to people - you look at them and think, ‘She got stuck or she let herself go.’ ... There’s this terrible idea that you get to a certain age and just plummet downwards. I don’t believe that at all. You can always reinvent. You can always make a change. You can always keep growing. I believe that you can keep getting better and better and better. The only thing stopping you is you.’’ Jennifer still considers herself to be ‘’just a girl from the Bronx’’, despite her showbiz career.