PESHAWAR - Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged the Afghan authorities to release Pakistani empty trucks and containers being held in Khor Maidan area near Tokham border in Afghanistan.

President Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Faiz Muhammad Faizi in a statement on Friday said that a large number of empty containers and trucks were impounded in Khor Maiden border area in Afghanistan, due to slow clearing process.

He alleged that Pakistani traders and exporters were being charged Rs80,000 to Rs90,000 per empty container and truck before its clearance in Khor Maiden, which he termed unfair and complete injustice.

He urged the Afghan government to take notice of the illegal act and sought permanent solution to the issue.

Faizi also said that earlier Pakistani business community and exporters had inflicted huge financial losses due to stuck of empty containers and trucks in Khor Maiden, however, the issue was resolved due to intervention of authorities concerned, he added.

The chamber president further said that Pakistani traders, especially those attached with transit trade were being faced with the same issue because of the impounded, large number, of empty vehicles in Khor Maiden, which is not only creating difficult for Pakistani business community and exporters, but also Afghan traders and importers will pay addition amount of Rs80,000 to 90,000 which was unacceptable to them.

Faizi said the government of Pakistan is taking measures like oprationalizing of Torkham border round the clock (24/7), aimed to give boost to Pak-Afghan trade volume and exports with Afghanistan as well as to facilitate the business community of the two countries.

But the business community, he said were being faced with numerous difficulties due to release of empty trucks and containers on paying of huge amount as bribe to Afghan officials.

He urged upon Kabul to take immediate notice of charging illegal amount from empty trucks, and expedite clearing process of empty trucks in Khor Maiden area.