PESHAWAR/LAKKI MARWAT   -  On the directives of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, political parties, tribesmen, district admin­istrations, traders, edu­cational institutions, and other organisations on Fri­day arranged rallies across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and observed ‘Kashmir hour’ to express solidarity with Kashmiri people.

While leading a rally to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethrens against the recent annexation of Jammu and Kashmir by the fascist Indian government, the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan stated that people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are not only ready to conquer occupied Jammu and Kash­mir from India, but will also march on New Delhi if directed by Prime Minis­ter Imran Khan. The chief minister stated that as per the directive of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, simi­lar rallies will be held ev­ery Friday to wake up the United Nations to honour its resolution in relation to Jammu and Kashmir issue.

He clarified that Azad Jammu and Kashmir was taken by the tribal people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 1947, adding that they were also ready to occupy the en­tire Kashmir, but the Indian government took the matter to United Nations Security Council. He said that now it is time for the United Na­tions to implement its reso­lutions regarding occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Governor Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman, Speaker KP As­sembly Mushtaq Ghani, Provincial Cabinet, mem­bers of provincial assem­bly, and entire civil bureau­cracy also participated in the rallies to express soli­darity with Kashmiris.

While addressing a mammoth gathering, the chief minister appealed to the United Nations, inter­national community, and human right organisations to take notice of the bru­talities and massacre being carried out by the Indian government against inno­cent Kashmiris.

He stated that India is being run by a savage and fascist regime that has been responsible for the genocide of Muslims in India, adding that they are currently repeating history by carrying out annihila­tion of Muslims in occu­pied Kashmir. Mahmood Khan univocally stated that ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Kashmir would not go unnoticed, add­ing that it would certainly have repercussion which not only affects Pakistan and India, but would influ­ence the entire region, he emphasised.

In this connection, Wa­ter and Sanitation Services Peshawar took out a rally in front of their offices and passed through different routes. The rally was led by the Chief Executive of­ficer Syed Zafar Ali Shah and Secretary local coun­cil board Hizar Hayat. The protesters chanted full-throated slogans against Indian government and Indian Prime Minister Na­rendra Modi.

The rally was also joined by employees of popula­tion welfare department, staff of allied Bank, and technical training col­lege. Speakers criticised the United Nations for not playing its due role to re­solve the issue of Kashmir. They said that if this issue was not resolved, it would have serious repercussion on all over the world.

Rescue 1122 also staged rallies and passed through Sher Shah Suri road and culminated in front of pro­vincial assembly. The rally was led by Director Gen­eral Khateer Ahmad who also addressed the occa­sion. He said that Kashmir is the integral part of Paki­stan and they would ren­der all kinds of sacrifices for its freedom.

A grand rally was also staged near deputy com­missioner office in Karak. The rally was led by the Deputy Commissioner Shah Rukh Khan and other prominent elders of the district. The protesters expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir and pledged to support the freedom movement.

Similarly, another rally was taken out under the leadership of the Deputy Commissioner Malakand Iqbal Hussain, where the people waved Kashmir flag to express solidarity with them. The deputy com­missioner strongly con­demned the Indian brutal activities in the occupied territories and asked UN to take action against human rights violation.

Peshawar Tajir Ittehad also held a major rally in Peshawar cantonment Saddar road and expressed full solidarity with the peo­ple of Kashmir. Addressing on the occasion, president of Tajir Ittehad criticised the role of UN and Security Council for not resolving the issue of Kashmir. He said that traders are ready to give all kinds of sacrific­es for the Kashmir freedom movement and the day is not far when Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan.

Likewise, rallies were also taken out in Haripur, Abbotabad, Mansehra, and Haripur where the partici­pants expressed full soli­darity with the people of Kashmir. All government employees belonging to different sectors joined ral­lies on the call of the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The University of Pesha­war like other parts of the country brought out a rally to show solidarity with the struggling Kashmiris at the main university road II un­der the auspices of Pesha­war University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) and Pakistan Study Centre. In the rally students of Jinnah College for Women, univer­sity teachers, administra­tion employees, who were chanting slogans during the procession, gathered in front of convocation hall, where one-minute silence was observed amid siren echo. Vice Chancellor Uni­versity of Peshawar called upon the civil society and diplomats to win the Kash­mir cause with deep argu­ment. He asked the students to tweet, retweet, and share, whatever message comes their way to support Kash­miris’ just struggle as a hum­ble donation to the cause. The rally again returned to original PUTA square where former President PUTA Arif Khan gave a resolution to UoP professors to write an email to international coun­terparts to further Kashmir narrative, which was ac­cepted unanimously. Mean­while, rallies were taken out in Lakki Marwat and other parts of the district to mark ‘Kashmir hour’ and express solidarity with people of Kashmir. Local Deputy Commissioner Jehangir Azam Wazir led a rally in Lakki city which started from Government Shaheed Muhammad Ghassan Khan Centennial Model High School and culminated near Graban Bridge after passing through old kachery road, Eidgah, Qazi Ishfaq chowk, and main bus stand. The rally was jointly arranged by district administration, boy scouts association, educa­tion department, and tehsil municipal administration.

Tribal subdivision AC Noman Ali Shah, additional AC Najibullah, DEO Nazir Ahmad Khan, boy scouts, scout leaders, teachers, students, government offi­cials, and people from dif­ferent walks of life were in attendance.

The participants car­ried banners, placards, and Kashmiri flags and raised slogans against Indian government and in favour of the rights of people of occupied Kashmir. On the occasion, the deputy com­missioner said that the en­tire nation stood by their Kashmiri brethrens and the abolition of special status of India held Kashmir had ex­posed the real face of Modi led Indian government.

He said that people of Pakistan would continue their support to Muslims of Kashmir till they got their right of self-determination according to resolutions of the United Nations.

Additional Deputy Com­missioner Noorul Amin, Deputy DEO Fidaullah Khan, and DSP Hidayatul­lah Shah led a rally in district headquarters complex Tajazai which marched on Lakki-Tajazai road and ended at the main gate of DHQ complex.

Teachers and students of universities of Lakki Marwat arranged a walk to show solidarity with Kash­miris and condemn atroci­ties by Indian forces on in­nocent people in occupied Kashmir. Project Director Muhammad Jamil Khan, Registrar Inamullah Khan, and Director Academ­ics Dr Ayaz Khan strongly condemned the genocide of Kashmiris by Indian armed forces and called upon international com­munity to take notice of it.

“The Kashmir dispute is a flashpoint for war in the region and peace in South Asia is linked to amicable resolution of the dispute according to UN resolu­tions,” they maintained.

The district chapter of JUI-F also took out a big procession from Chil­dren Park in Lakki city to express solidarity with people of Kashmir. The procession converged in a gathering when reached Qazi Ishfaq chowk where MNA Maulana Muham­mad Anwar, district Ameer Maulana Abdil Rahim, Maulana Samiullah Mua­hid, Maulana Ezazullah, Maulana Asghar Ali, advo­cate Hafiz Asif Salim, and other leaders spoke on the occasion.

In Mohmand, hundreds of tribesmen including leaders of various political parties and students held rallies in various parts of the tribal district to show solidarity and protest against the brutality and aggression of India in oc­cupied Kashmir.

The protest rallies were held in border area of Kh­wezai, Lakaro, Main Mandi and Ekkaghund attended by Deputy Commissioner Iftikhar Alam, Additional Deputy Commissioner Saif-ul-Islam, MNA Sajid Khan, DPO Abdur Rasheed, various political leaders, and others. Traffic was stopped from 12am to 1pm to show solidarity with in­nocent Kashmiris.

The participants of the rally were chanting slo­gans against India and in favour of Pakistan and Pak Army. Tribesmen assured that they are ready to fight, adding that government of Pakistan should give per­mission for jihad against India. The aggressive politi­cal workers and tribesmen threatened that if this time India committed any mis­take, then Pak Army along with people of Pakistan will enter into India. They said that it is the history of our nation that no one defeated our country, they maintained. Protesters urged the United Nations to impose a ban on India for such aggressive activities against Kashmiri peoples.

Mohmand tribesmen warned that Jihad will be continued against India till the complete indepen­dence of Indian held Kash­mir. In K yber, rallies were held at Baab-e-Khyber, Jamrud, and bypass road Landi Kotal. The Deputy Commissioner Khyber Mehmood Aslam, assistant commissioners of Jamrud and Landi Kotal, a large number of students, teach­ers, and people from differ­ent walks of life expressed their unity with Kash­miris. The participants while holding banner and placards inscribed with slogans in favour of Kash­miri people marched from Jamrud bazaar to Baab-e Khyber and in Landi Kotal. They marched from the degree college to Hamza Baba Chowk.

Speakers said that the hearts of the citizens of Pakistan beat with people of Kashmir and they would no more tolerate atrocities on Kashmiri people by the Indian forces.