Violence against health care workers is both a national and global problem. In the poor country of Pakistan, these health care workers are being killed and they are being tortured phonologically, physically and mentally. According to a report, more than 8,098 cases in Pakistan have been reported and 774 persons have lost their precious lives. These health care workers are being killed especially in big cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore and other big cities of Pakistan.

The health care workers are deprived of their rights. They are being killed by unknown people and terrorists. According to Pakistan Medical Associate (PMA), in Pakistan, almost 128 doctors have been killed from1995 to 2015.

In Pakistan, most of the polio workers are being killed. Since 2012, 95 polio workers have been killed in different areas of Pakistan and many nurses have been killed as well. The issue of health care workers is being neglected by the government of Pakistan. They are not safe at all in a country where the government is corrupt.

Most of the women health care workers are being treated badly by religious people and uneducated families and parents. This issue is rising in big cities as well as small towns and villages. If these health care workers will not be there then who will save millions of lives across the country. These health care workers are the bounders of the nation.

It is the responsibility of the government to save them and it is the duty of every nation to save our health care workers. We need to support them and save them from terrorists who are killing them. For surviving in the future first we need to protect the health care workers for it.