Billions of rupees another financial fraud has been alleged in Pakistan. According to sources, a high ranked FBR officer and a UK-national lady are allegedly involved in the financial fraud.  The alleged FBR officer and the foreigner lady looted billions of rupees from innocent people of Pakistan on

the pretext of investing their money in a financial scheme and earned profit.

The alleged scam surfaced when a Pakistani national dispatched a letter to NAB chairman, disclosing how the high ranked officer named Sooraj Kumar and a UK national lady looted innocent citizens.

The alleged persons initiated a financial scheme :Potri” and under this scheme, the public were asked to earn profit through investing in this scheme.

The applicant further said the UK national lady has established a fake company “VIVIER” and through this company she introduced a financial scheme and hired Sooraj Kumar at a higher rank in her company.

The applicant, in his application, added that the lady has established fake companies in different countries and has been looting at the name of  profit for their investments.

However, no action could be taken at the part of NAB so far. 

When this correspondent approached FBR officer Sooraj Kumar through telephone, he didn’t respond but disconnected his phone.