ISLAMABAD – Police have arrested 12 outlaws from various areas of the city with wine, narcotics and weipons, a police spokesman said on Sunday.

Sabzi Mandi police arrested Ashfaq Khan for possessing one Kalashnikov- one 9 MM pistol and 19 rounds while CIA police nabbed a dacoit Waheed Zaman with a 30-bore pistol. Bhara Kahu and Margallal police apprehended bootleggmrs Kamran with 15 bottles of wine and Imran Masih and Daniel Masih with 23 bottles respectively.

Shalimar police nabbed five outlaws identified as Sabir, Dost Muhammad, Asad Abbass, Ehsan Ullah and Nemat Ullah for having three bottles of wine , 415 gram hashish and a 32-bore revolver.

Kohsar police arrested Faraz Malik with a bottle of wine while Tarnol police nabbed Asad Mehmud in possession of 110 gram heroin and a 30-bore pistol.