LAHORE (PR) – The Chief Spokesman of the Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan (FGA), Dr Liaquat Qaiser, has said that Swedish missionary Birgitta was an active social worker and educationalist who had a compassion for the poor, orphans and the needy. Unknown men had shot her on the 3ed of December 2012 in front of her residence in Model Town where she fell and became unconscious and eventually passed away on the 12 of December.

In a press note, the FGA condemned the barbaric incident saying that the incident was not only a great loss for the Pakistani Christian community but also for the whole country.

The issued statement further said: The situation in the country is becoming unsafe and intolerant with the passage of time. Anyone who claims rights to education receives a bullet. Social workers who give polio drops to children to protect them from disability in future were getting killed. Birgitta has become the target of the same mentality who gave the best of 38 years of her life to serve Pakistan. We ask the governmental authorities to objectively look into this matter and provide justice.