LAHORE – Long queues were witnessed outside CNG stations in Lahore region on Sunday when gas supply opened after six-day consecutive closure.

The people waiting in never ending queues blamed the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and CNG association for the situation. The CNG association continues to observe strikes over disagreement with Ogra regarding CNG price fixing.

It is worth mentioning here that motorists and rickshaw drivers parked their vehicles outside CNG pumps from night to get CNG earliest in the morning. 

Most of the outlets were still closed and only few CNG stations were providing gas to the vehicles. Sui Northern Gas Company has said that CNG stations in Lahore region would again be shut as per the schedule on Monday (today) at 6:00 AM. CNG stations resumed providing gas to the customers after three days weekly closure but most of the stations remained closed on Thursday.

The CNG supply resumed in the morning at 6 am following gas load management plan despite the fact that there was foggy weather and zero visibility on roads, good number of motorists rushed to the opened CNG stations early morning. At GT road from Quaid-e-Azam Interchanged to Ghari Shahu and onward Punjab Assembly there was not a single CNG station opened. As per survey of TheNation there about 11 CNG stations in the locality but all of them were closed. The motorists standing in the queues were of the view that Sui Northern Gas Company had kept the CNG stations closed for consecutive six-days for ensuring, uninterrupted supply of gas to the domestic consumers. But they demanded that on the seventh day on Sunday the complete number of CNG stations were required to re-open for 24 hours, but most of the CNG outlet owners preferred not to re-open their outlets as they said cost-wise it is not profitable for them to sell CNG.